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Wind is putting too much wind into our sails. It’s been too windy to photograph comfortably at White Sands. Instead we have been lazing around, catching up with laundry and shopping for jeans. The southwest seems to be the only place I can find a pair of non-stretch jeans. We went to a movie yesterday: Monsters vs. Aliens. It was pretty good, encompassing a few references to B movies of the 1950’s as well as several references to George Lucas films. The many children in the theater must have enjoyed it; they were very quiet during the film.

We did have one great photographic outing to Three Rivers Petroglyph Site. Wow! This place has over 21,000 glyphs carved on every available boulder strewn over a couple of hills. As one gawker put it: “These people had way too much time on their hands.” We had forgotten to bring water bottles with us, and though there was water at the parking area and the trail was only 1/2 mile long, it took us so long to wend our way through it all, we were dying of thirst by the time we got back. We were out so long that the snow that had fallen the night before on 12,000-foot Sierra Blanca was all melted by the time we got back. The range of figures pecked into the rock was amazingly large: faces with earrings hanging from the ears, hummingbirds, eagles, lizards, bighorn sheep, and many more.

I’ve never seen a site that allowed people such access; I guess everything has been thoroughly catalogued. It’s interesting: at the V-Bar-V Ranch Site, Mr. Zoll said that though the petroglyphs had been photographed years ago, digital photography was revealing details that film didn’t pick up. Another interesting aspect to many of these sites is that they are often excavated only partially or only one area is excavated. Leaving pit houses and kivas buried protects them from the elements and from the humans and animals that mess with them. Smart.





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