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It’s been an amazing week, florally. We have been experiencing spectacularly beautiful weather in San Francisco and since there’s nothing we can do about the drought, we are enjoying ourselves. Last Sunday, we drove out to Golden Gate Park to photograph and to visit a craft fair in which my friend, Connie, was participating.

Because I volunteer at the de Young Museum in the park, I knew that the cherry trees were mostly in bloom and we got out there early to catch the fog that was wisping among the greenery. The cherry trees near the Japanese Tea Garden were beautiful; the GGP gardeners take good care of the trees.

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Since the SF Arboretum is right across the street, we wandered over there and found some rhododendrons in the height of their glory. There were lots of flowers in bloom.

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The de Young Museum  holds an annual gala, Bouquets to Art. Professional florists all around the Bay Area volunteer to participate. If selected, they are assigned a work of art displayed in the museum: paintings, sculpture, antique mirrors, anything. They must create an arrangement using flowers and greenery that looks like or evokes the spirit of the piece of art. The arrangements range from fairly ordinary to absolutely amazing.

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Dave and I got in line around 9 a.m. Members could enter at 9:30, but volunteers could go in at 9. I abandoned Dave and took a 20 minute run through the galleries empty of people. Then I rejoined Dave and we crowded into the museum. We got tired and departed around 11:30. Because the flowers don’t last that long, the show only runs for 6 days.

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