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It’s quiet, so quiet. I’ve been on my own for 4 days now while Dave is participating in a Portfolio Review in Santa Fe. It’s not like Dave makes a whole lot of noise when he’s at home, but it feels different when there’s nobody else in the house.

After dropping Dave at the airport very early Thursday morning, I did my usual Thursday at the deYoung Museum, organizing file materials and inputting data from Palace of the Legion of Honor art exhibits in 1948. My friend Connie and I have been working backwards time-wise and we have reached the point where there are carbon copies of the typed records, Photostats and many of the letters are hand-written. I recently handled a letter signed by Herbert Hoover. I find it all really interesting. We’re looking at how museums operated after World War II, for example, using military ships to transport priceless art from France to the US.


On Friday, I picked up Connie early and we drove across the city to the Presidio to go for a walk. The 5-mile drive began with drippy, foggy weather, transmuted to a sunny hole in Noe Valley and then to high overcast at the Bay. It was windy and we enjoyed coffee and croissant at the Warming Hut. By the time we emerged, it was sunny and the Golden Gate Bridge was mostly in view.


The Golden Gate Bridge – before



The Golden Gate Bridge and Connie – after


My hair turned medium auburn that afternoon. To celebrate, I made my favorite, Dave-away meal that evening – Eggplant Parmesan. I’ve been reviewing and dumping some of our old videotapes and watched “Stealing Beauty” – not that great.

On Saturday, I went downtown early, before meeting friends Mary and Rick and wandered around purposefully for an hour, checking out tops that might work for an August wedding. Then I had coffee and the last chocolate brownie at Starbucks to get energized. The three of us went to see the Alvin Brothers, originally part of the Blasters in the 70’s. They haven’t performed together for 20+ years, but have reunited. I thought their big thing was harmony. Nope. Their big thing is incredibly good, incredibly loud rock. It was a wonderful, excruciating experience. And they performed nonstop for more than 2 hours. I was shell-shocked after the show. I may now have PTSD. Luckily, the house is so quiet.

The Alvin Brothers

The Alvin Brothers

Dave comes home tomorrow night. It will be good to see him.


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