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We are so out of our element! 96 degrees, 100 degrees, 108 degrees….where does it end?

To backtrack a little, we spent much of Saturday morning wiping out (literally) ants in the bathroom, ants in the kitchen, ants around our bed. Amazingly, they don’t seem to care much about food, though they did go for an overripe banana. Dave went out to buy Raid and sprayed everything outside that he thought might provide a way for them to get in. Then we sat around and sweated until 3 pm or so, when we showered. Then we sat around in our dressy underwear until 4 or so when we adorned ourselves and drove the 2 miles to Dove Canyon Country Club. They had a little problem – their air conditioning went out that morning and wasn’t working. It was hot.

But a lot of our relatives were there, the wedding was beautiful and we were so pleased for Alex and Alyson. They both radiated love and happiness. All six of the bridesmaids were in graceful midnight blue gowns. And Alyson – wow! After the ceremony, we had a lovely dinner and then watched and participated in the dancing. We got back to our ant trap around 10:30, wiped everything down once again and crashed.

040AlexAlyson 044Bridesmaids











Sunday dawned……hot. This seemed to speed up the ants. But we were bigger and faster, so we wiped everything down again and took off. Our route was cruel: we drove from the hot inland out to the coast, went south to San Diego and then headed east to even hotter climes. We decided to drive 250 miles to Yuma and arrived around 4 pm. The Western Village RV Park manager was amazed to see us show up in Yuma in August. Nobody voluntarily comes to Yuma in August. But we ran the air conditioner for a couple of hours and it cooled down to 91 degrees. I conducted a little experiment – I put a Hershey Kiss, cold from the refrigerator, on the ground in the sun, to see how long it would take to melt it. Four minutes resulted in this:


I changed into my going-to-town shorts and my best sandals and we decamped to Mi Rancho, a Mexican restaurant recommended by the campground manager. It was icy cold, had huge, good Margaritas and great food with a huge plate of Chile Rellenos, rice and beans. Dave helped me finish; I haven’t downed that much food in quite a while. Night had fallen by the time we went outside and a hot, hot breeze was blowing. It felt like walking outdoors with the heater cranked up to 100 degrees. Unbelievable.

056DGiPhoneYumaMiRancho 057iPhone0979YumaMiRancho

I did go outside long enough to capture an image of the cowboy welcoming us to our home for night. Howdy, Partner!

058MG2177Yuma 059MG2171Yuma 060MG2173Yuma

On Monday, with very hot temperatures everywhere, we decided to head for the hills. Instead of Tucson, we drove 270 miles to Globe, a small town at a 3,000-foot elevation.

I won’t say it was cool, but it was under 100 degrees when we arrived at the Apache Gold RV Park and casino. We nabbed a spot under one of the few trees in the place. After dinner, we actually sat outside for a while and listened to the crickets chirp. Tuesday was chore day – laundry and grocery shopping. We checked out the casino – ugh! (Or is that racist?) The people there were mostly gambling alone, spaced out in front of their machine, many of them smoking. We left after about 5 minutes.


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