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The Giants became a problem. Once they moved to the World Series, we needed Fox tv to watch the games. That worked for $42 per night in Moab to access the Fox broadcast channel. But when we started traveling west towards home, things became dicier. Dave never knew if he could dig up a Fox broadcast channel or not. After a pretty drive across half of Utah on I-70, we watched Game 6 okay in Delta, Utah. The Giants didn’t win, insuring Game 7 on Wednesday. But it takes us two days to drive across Nevada on US-50. Ely is the only town of any size and its only 150 miles from Delta. We needed to drive further than that.

Dave's picture from the Delta campground

Dave’s picture from the Delta campground

We launched into Nevada, classic basin and range country, with about 30 miles of straight, flat road followed by a mountain range. Depending on the weather, it can be quite beautiful or totally boring. In pure sunlight, it was pretty unremarkable. We sped along and reached Hickison Campground, 20 miles east of Austin, to see if we could get a television signal there. Nada. Ten miles later, Bob Scott Campground was closed. So 299 miles after our start, we finally stopped at the Pony Express Campground in Austin. Dave could only pick up one channel and spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out if it was Fox. It was more of Jerry Springer than I ever want to see again. (How can people still be interested in his Baby Mama dramas?) There was absolutely nobody around to ask about television. (You do self-registration for this campground.) This is where we discovered the Rav had a dead battery, again. Things were not shaping up well.

Dave's picture on US-50 in Nevada

Dave’s picture on US-50 in Nevada

Our final choice was to opt for a motel. None of them looked too fancy. We selected the “rustic” Pony Canyon Motel, paid our $70, and were told, at 4 pm, to wait half an hour for the maid to clean it. With permission, we parked the motorhome on the other side of the gas station next to the motel because there’s not much parking at the motel. Then Dave discovered that, yes, the one channel we got in the rig was Fox. Too late.

141029 DaveMotel

We draggled back and forth between the Lazy Daze and the motel, hauling the necessities over to it. Then I reheated dinner in the LD and we settled down on our twin beds (all they had available) to watch the game. We weren’t in the best of moods. I figured we blew an extra $200 in accommodations just to watch the World Series. But the last game was sure worth it. Panda (Pablo Sandoval) gave an on-camera wink to the world before the game, reminding us to have fun. Before three innings were over, Hudson was out and eventually Bumgarner came in and shut down the Royals. I still can’t believe the Giants have won their third World Series in five years. What a team!

On Thursday, we had increasing high clouds that softened the sunlight, so it brought out the colors in the mountains. The drive was long, but nice. We stopped at the shoe tree outside of Fallon, NV. We’ve been visiting it for years, an oddity that we like. The original shoe tree just happened, where people kept throwing pairs of shoes over the branches of a large cottonwood. Then, on New Years Eve a couple of years ago, someone burned it down. Gone. What a fun way to start the year. People have started throwing shoes into the tree that is still standing in the wash, but for me, it is not the same. It looks like someone has tried to burn it down too. It makes me sad that there is such an urge to destroy in so many humans.

700MG5780OldShoeTree 701MG5782NewShoeTree

We had phoned ahead to make sure of a place for our final night. The Auburn Fairgrounds have exactly one campsite with full hookups. Since not much goes on at county fairgrounds this time of year, it’s virtually empty. It has the added advantage of being only 120 miles from home; an easy cruise on our last day. This is important because of the complicated logistics of living in San Francisco. We want to park the motorhome in front of the house to unload so we try to arrive home on Friday afternoon because of weekday parking restrictions. If we arrive around 2 p.m. we can leave it in front all weekend. Of course, we’re not guaranteed a space in front of our house; if someone is parked above or below our driveway, we have to park somewhere else and haul our stuff further.

I love staying in county fairgrounds during the down season. You can wander around past empty corrals, grandstands and pavilions. Auburn’s has a nice little waterwheel and several fake waterfalls. After settling in, we had our final dinner on the road and sat in the balmy weather to sip our wine and watch the night sky appear. It was surprisingly busy around us, with people having a picnic or walking their dogs. Peaceful and nice.


The news told us that the street celebrations in San Francisco after the Giants won the World Series was held under pretty good control this year (by having every cop on duty, probably). There were only a few fires and virtually no broken windows, but a lot of graffiti all over. Only 29 people were arrested for public drunkenness. The people arrested for damaging public property almost all lived out of town. Apparently, some folks think a celebration deserves a trip to the city to wreak havoc.

The Giants’ victory parade was set for noon on Friday, our arrive-home day. Traffic on Friday is bad enough but we thought it was likely to quadruple it, with people trying to drive to the city for the parade and Halloween aftermath. Wrong! We virtually sailed past the Bay Bridge toll booth and cruised home. We’ve pretty much never seen the bridge that empty on a Friday afternoon.

705MGiPad0052BayBridge 706MGiPad0057BayBridge

So we are home and the unpacking begins…..

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