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The July 13 ballgame at San Francisco’s AT&T Ballpark was a wonderful experience. It was our first of game of the year, between the Giants and the Oakland A’s. We got off BART at the Embarcadero and walked to the ballpark. It was one of those half-foggy, half sunny days, not cold and not hot.

San Francisco has one of the very few ballparks where a ferry delivers fans directly to it. The only issue for a fan is that when a game goes into extra innings, the ferry won’t wait it out.

A 2007 image of McCovey Cove

We got there early to get our usual California Cookout Polska Kielbasa. A 10-inch sausage rests on a totally inadequate bun, topped with onions, peppers and sauerkraut. Then you add the other condiments you desire. We decided to eat them at a table because they are messy! My method is to nip off the top of the kielbasa sticking out. In order to lift the remainder, I try to wrap the paper around the huge concoction like a small blanket around a big baby. I was full the rest of the night.

We got to our great seats (thank you Kevin and Sue) behind home plate. Our area seemed to be half Giants fans and half A’s fans. But everyone was pretty mellow and nobody was overtly drunk or swearing constantly. Madbum (Madison Bumgarner) was pitching and I had a Friday-the-thirteenth feeling the Giants were going to win. As usual, swallows or swifts flitted around as the game started, apparently dislodged from some rooftop nook in the park.

The first three innings were scoreless. That gave me a chance to look around. Almost all the seats in the Club sections have spectacular views of the Bay. As the daylight dims, the stadium lights come on, giving the field an unearthly brightness. Green grass under pink, blue and gray sky. The fog continued to drift inland.

The Giants broke out with 5 runs in the seventh inning and we Giants fans were jubilant. It’s rare these days to see that kind of scoring in one inning. In the meantime, misty curls of fog were twirling over the top of the stadium and disseminating before it hit the field. It was magical.

The game was in the eighth inning and the score was 7-1. The usual crowd of sea gulls started to fly overhead, reminding us that they were waiting for us to leave so that they could scavenge the leftovers in the stands.

We decided to leave before the game ended. Light rail streetcars stop in front of the stadium so we crowded onto one of them, listening to people rejoicing or bemoaning the game. As we trundled along the Embarcadero, the Bay Bridge came into view, lit by thousands of led lights moving in abstract patterns. What a great place we live in.

2015 The arrow on the Embarcadero

2015 The Bay Bridge lights

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