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On Wednesday, we did our final canyon that we haven’t seen before – McGee Creek. It was very close to camp and only took a short time to reach. On the way up, we stopped at what appeared to be a closed horse camp right next to McGee Creek. The buildings were boarded up for winter and the entire property was covered with fallen and falling leaves. We were just fooling around with the cameras and then, Wow! I saw the best refraction I have ever seen. Just this blinding rainbow in the middle of the sky.

400MG8623McGeeCreekRoad 401MG8624McGeeCreekRoad 403MG8628McGeeCreekRoad 404MG8637McGeeCreekRoad 406MG8640McGeeCreekRoad 407MG8649McGeeCreekRoad 409MG8661McGeeCreekRoad


We proceeded up to the parking area for the McGee Creek Trail, ate lunch, and wandered up the trail. I was happy photographing the trees along the creek for a while, then was ready to go back to the car. Dave continued on up the trail for quite a way. I got my book, coffee and cookies and spent a delightful interlude in a gold-tinted glade.

410MG8663McGeeCreekRoad 412MG8666McGeeCreekRoad 413MG8684McGeeCreekRoad 415MG8686McGeeCreekRoad 416MG8696McGeeCreekRoad 418MG8720McGeeCreekRoad


When Dave returned, we took a drive along Old Crowley Lake Road, looking for good color. What we found in some tiny town was a lovely constructed pond and a fake deer. Dave concentrated on the pond; I shot the fake deer. (What else is new?)

419MG8731Pond 421MG8735Pond


We then returned to the upper part of Lower Rock Creek Road and saw all the color that wasn’t in the lower part. We found our little creek and the light was much lower, making the ripples all the more interesting. Finally, we both got tired and went back to camp.

423MG8738LowerRockCreekRoad 425MG8756LowerRockCreekRoad 426MG87565LowerRockCreekRoad 428MG875735LowerRockCreekRoad 429MG87795LowerRockCreekRoad


We usually wake up around 7 am or so. When I woke up on Thursday, I decided to get outside quickly and capture the fog rising from the hot waters of Hot Creek. I didn’t get to see deer in the water like Dave did a few days ago, but did see a couple lurking near the creek.

430MG8783HotCreekRoad 435MG8787SierraSunrise 437MG8789HotCreek 438MG8784HotCreek 440MG8805HotCreek 441MG8821HotCreek


After coffee and breakfast, we went out to the Hot Creek Geological Site, a thermally-active area that used to be a heavy-duty party area (think natural hot-tubs). But something changed and now the water is too hot to party in. The hot pools still have that unearthly blue color and the creek is full of neat-looking foliage.

445MG8928HotCreekGeologicalSite 446MG8826HotCreek 448MG8868HotCreek 449MG8874HotCreek 450MG8899HotCreek 452MG8924HotCreek 455MG8932SierraSunset


That was it for Hot Creek. We packed up and headed back to our starting point: Mono Lake. Our wonderful campsite had somebody else parked there. We introduced ourselves and met Jason and Nikki Wynn. They are young (compared to us) full-timers who are doing it green. That includes a composting toilet and they distill their own water, even from something as salty as Mono Lake. Check out their website: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com


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