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Friday morning was a chore day. Our dirty laundry was gaining on us so Dave dropped me off at the Bishop laundry. It was an expensive, lousy laundry with more broken washers than not. The dryers were 10 cents per minute as far as I could tell. The room was hot and of the four plastic seats nailed down in the sunny part of the room, one of them had a puddle of soda mouldering in it. Yuck! Hot and grumpy, my mood was improved by lunch at Schat’s Bakery. The dessert area of the bakery was crammed with good-looking goodies. We bought some truffles for later that night.

After unloading the laundry we went for a drive along side roads near CA-395. We had a little trouble finding the roads that were supposed to have aspen on them, but finally ended up driving through Paradise (so there are at least two in California) and into the Lower Rock Creek Canyon. We stopped at a low point and found a little trail by the Creek. It had a few nice spots.

300MG8159LowerRockCreek 301MG8162LowerRockCreek 304MG8166LowerRockCreek 306MG8173LowerRockCreek 307MG8187LowerRockCreek 308MG8175LowerRockCreek

We neared our campsite as the sun was going down behind the Sierra Nevada. The cottonwoods were absolutely glowing so we stopped a little bit for that.

310MG8222Cottonwoods 311MG8232Cottonwoods 312MG8227Cottonwoods 313MG8236Cottonwoods 314MG8239Cottonwoods

Our last day in the Bishop area was spent hiking the Little Lakes Trail that departed from the tail end of Rock Creek Road. There were quite a few cars in the Mosquito Flat Trailhead parking lot, but this seems to be a weekend destination for people wanting to enjoy the beautiful autumn climate at 10,000+ feet.

The trailhead altitude is 10,300 feet and though the trail we took never got steep, I immediately began to huff and puff every time it ascended at all. After stopping a few moments, I was fine and could go on.  There are so many lakes along the way that the map we had never even named some of them. Each one of them is unique with its own color of water and shoreline makeup but they all backed up against high, high mountains.  Everything was stunningly beautiful. And then we found streams with ice running out of Heart Lake. We both love ice – it’s intricate, fractal, architectural designs. So we photographed there for a while and actually lost each other a little bit, following our own streams.

315MG8259LittleLakesTrail 317MG8264LittleLakesTrail 318MG8244LittleLakesTrailIce 319MG8266LittleLakesTrailIce 320MG8269LittleLakesTrailIce 321MG8273LittleLakesTrailIce 322MG8276LittleLakesTrailIce 324MG8279LittleLakesTrailIce 326MG8285LittleLakesTrailIce 328MG8288LittleLakesTrail 330MG8290LittleLakesTrailIce 331MG8294LittleLakesTrailIce

After lunch, we continued up the trail to Long Lake, rimmed with rock. We had come about 2+ miles but we were both ready to turn back. Dave wanted to catch sunset close to camp. Our late afternoon showers felt very good.

333MG8299LittleLakesTrail 334MG8303LittleLakesTrail 336MG8315LittleLakesTrail 337MG8316LittleLakesTrail 338MG8326LittleLakesTrail

After 6 days of boondocking, we were almost out of water and it was time to head north, closer to Mammoth Lakes and Devil’s Postpile, a national park we have never visited. We found the Bishop Highlands RV Park that let us dump for $7. Not a bad total for 6 days of camping. Forty miles north of Bishop, we pulled onto another bumpy gravel road – Hot Creek Hatchery Road and found a nice remote place to camp overlooking Hot Creek and the Sierras. On Sunday afternoon, it turned out to be not so remote. People kept driving up our little side road to check out Hot Creek for a good area to soak, I guess.


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