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Convict Lake is one of the prettiest, easiest lakes to traverse in the fall. The trail looks down upon the translucent water, offering chances to catch the colors deepening as the lake deepens and great reflections. The trees and bushes are just about all golden, with roughly half the leaves fallen, so the pathways are golden also. What a place! Even on a Monday, there were loads of fishermen, a few kayakers and quite a few people enjoying the trail. The 3-mile round trip took us 4 hours.

340MG8356ConvictLake 342MG8341ConvictLake 343MG8351ConvictLake 344MG8345ConvictLake 346MG8365ConvictLake 347MG8372ConvictLake 349MG8379ConvictLake 351MG8394ConvictLakeDave 352MG8389ConvictLake 353MG8398ConvictLake 355MG8400ConvictLake 356MG8402ConvictLake 357MG8407ConvictLake 359MG8417ConvictLakeWe got to the far end of the lake where streams feed in and a grove of what may be birch crowds around the water sources. We chomped our sandwiches on a log, watching the water change as the afternoon breeze began. After lunch, the trees didn’t do a lot for me, photographically, but the light on the leaves underwater in the streams really caught my attention.

360MG8432ConvictLake 362MG8435ConvictLake 363MG8472ConvictLake 364MG8443ConvictLake 365MG8447ConvictLake 366MG8454ConvictLake 367MG8448ConvictLake 368MG8451ConvictLakeI got a national monument off my bucket list: Devil’s Postpile. Situated behind Mammoth Lakes, it is only open for four or five months per year. We drove out there and went on a 5-mile hike to Devil’s Postpile and Rainbow Falls. It was much warmer than I expected. When we reached Devil’s Postpile, the light wasn’t optimal. It was interesting but I felt didn’t measure up to the power of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Here, though, we could hike to the top of it and see all the sexagonal tops of the basalt columns, looking like polished flagstones.

371MG8495DevilsPostpile 372MG8496DevilsPostpile 374MG8516DevilsPostpileThe rest of the hike out to Rainbow Falls wasn’t too exciting. Apparently, a recent fire had decimated the environment around the trail and there wasn’t much shade or photographic distractions. And it was much warmer than I had expected.

375MG8592RainbowFallsTrailWe reached Rainbow Falls and it was a nice large waterfall but the light wasn’t ideal. The longer we stayed, the more sunlight highlighted the falls, increasing the contrast to high levels. We took the steep downhill stairs to the bottom of the falls and shimmied over a huge log to get as close as we could to the falls. That’s when we saw the advertised rainbow. It was cool and shady and very nice down there. Luckily for me, Dave did not see me lumber my way back over the big log.

376MG8518RainbowFalls 377MG8524RainbowFalls 378MG8530RainbowFalls 380MG8543RainbowFalls 381MG8556RainbowFalls 383MG8568RainbowFalls 384MG8570RainbowFalls 386MG8572RainbowFalls 387MG8579RainbowFalls 388MG8590RainbowFallsWe returned up the trail and the 2.5 mile trail seemed easier with more shade available. The light on Devil’s Postpile had improved so we re-photographed it.

391MG8596DevilsPostpile 392MG8606DevilsPostpile 393MG8615DevilsPostpile 395MG8620DevilsPostpileFinally, back at the car, Dave had coffee and cookies while I munched on an enormous apple. After picking up a few necessities at Von’s in Mammoth Lake, we headed home for salad, spaghetti and nice bottle of Aviator wine.


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