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I was very disappointed in the library at the Needles Desert View RV Resort. The property is tidy but 3 big bookcases revealed a lot of romances, some Scott Turow and James Patterson and a small range of mysteries, but nothing I was interested in.

We moved on the next day, trying to reach the BLM Red Rock Campground that is right outside the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It wasn’t too busy so we swept in and nabbed a nice space. There area has several outhouse and water spigots. The downside is that there’s not great internet here but there’s a Starbucks about 4 miles down the road. We went on our first drive through Red Rock on Saturday. There is a 13-mile drive that circles the wide canyon, with 19 hikes taking off from various points.

080MG9682RedRockCyn 081MG9681RedRockCyn

We decided to do a hike we hadn’t done previously: Calico Tanks, a 1.5-mile trail. This area is full of wonderful rock, layer upon layer of different colors. We expected the trail to be crowded, already having skipped a number of pullouts because there was nowhere to park. We squeezed into the Sandstone Quarry parking lot and hit the trail. About 100 other people had hit the trail as well. There was a family with a small baby and a cute little girl in a pink dress. There was an entire sorority. There were people trying to run the trail. There were people with multiple dogs on leash. We have never been on such a crowded trail, not even in Yosemite. But it was a neat walk. I guess Las Vegas has gotten some rain recently because the tanks had some water in them.

083MG9689RedRockCalicoTanks 085MG9695RedRockCalicoTanks 087MG9702RedRockCalicoTanks 088MG9706RedRockCalicoTanks

We ate lunch watching people try to edge their way along a very narrow ledge of rock or climb up a little higher and have easy sailing over to the viewpoint. Guess which way we went? It was a little hazy, but Vegas was stretched out in all its glory. Better to see it from a distance than be there!


Expecting more crowds on Sunday, we left camp a little earlier and stopped at the first pullout in the Canyon, an area reminiscent of the Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park. What a jumble of rocks!

095MG9740RedRockCyn 097MG9746RedRockCyn

Our destination this time was the Pine Creek Trail, about 3 miles round trip without any detours. The trail crosses an open area and then heads into a canyon with a little stream pooling intermittently. Where else can you see polka-dotted rocks?

099MG9765RedRockPineCreekCyn 101MG9776RedRockPineCreekCyn 103MG9773RedRockPineCreekCyn

We got back to camp pretty early, showered and went to “town”. I’m not even sure the area outside Red Rock is Las Vegas proper, but they have a couple miles of large strip malls that include Kohl’s, Pottery Barn, Target, Home Depot and several supermarkets. I dropped Dave off at Starbucks to write and upload his blog while I did a big grocery shop, replenishing canned stuff and wine for our stay at Death Valley. The grocery store there is pretty pathetic.

We did one more hike on Monday. The description of the loop isn’t very clear and we ended up doing a hike to La Madre Springs and then cut over to do part of the White Rock Loop. Between the two, we rose and dropped a total of 1100 feet or so. We were bushed by the time we got back.

105MG9788RedRockWhiteRocks 107MG9794RedRockWhiteRocks 109MG9795RedRockLaMadreSprings 110MG9802RedRockLaMadreSprings 112MG9814RedRockWhiteRocks




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